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The Ultimate University Shopping List - help your child know what to take with them

If your teen’s leaving home in the autumn, you’ll want to make sure they have everything they need, from comfy bedding to pots and pans. That's why we've written this post, so you can be sure your child has everything they need for a perfect start to university life.

A teenage girl sitting on her bed in university accommodation
Knowing what to pack

Knowing what to pack

Help your child to organise what they’ll need to take with them. This means everything from course materials, laptops, phones, bedding, cooking equipment and clothes plus all the appropriate paperwork such as bank accounts, TV licences, insurance, new travel passes and parking permits. It will make their life easier if they know how to plan ahead and it will make you feel more comfortable knowing they are well-prepared. Download our university checklist below to make sure you have it covered.


Knowing exactly what to pack will largely depend on the type of accommodation your child has applied for. Although most halls of residence provide students with single standard size beds, some private accommodation or alternative arrangements may differ - so it is always worth checking before purchasing any bedding.


Have they always relied on you to replenish the shower gel, shampoo, moisturizer and shaving foam? It might take some time for them to get used to thinking for themselves - so make sure they have everything they'll need to get by for the first few weeks.

Two teenage boys sitting on a bed packing for university
Try to keep to the basics

Bright colours

Try to keep to the basics when it comes to kitchen utensils and try to purchase items, which are easily identifiable - bright colours or patterns will help your child keep track of their items (especially if they'll be sharing with lots of other people).

Be selective

Your teen's university accommodation may be substantially smaller than their bedroom at home. Help them work out how much space they're likely to have in their new room and what's essential and not essential when packing.

Last minute arrangements

If you're helping your child move into their new university accommodation, then it may be a good idea to factor in some time for a trip to the local shopping centre for any last minute purchases.

The Ultimate University Shopping list - download your free copy below

A list of item of what to pack / take to university
The Ulitimate University Shopping List
shopping list A4
Download PDF • 271KB
shopping list - A3
Download PDF • 163KB


We always love to hear from you, so do let us know if there are any subjects you’d like us to chat to you about. Stay safe and keep happy, Vanessa and Darius -


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