How to support your child with their revision during sixth form and college

  • We want our children to do well in exams and effective revision plays a crucial role, but it’s not just down to what happens at school or college. Having the right conditions at home can have a huge impact on how well students do in their studies – even when your teen is on the brink of adulthood. 


    This guide includes practical advice and information on how parents can help at home, from setting up the right routines to helping teens cope with exam nerves. Find out more about:


    • Keeping them healthy – covering diet, caffeine, sleep and screen time;
    • Providing the right homelife – why setting a routine is vital;
    • Simple steps to create a helpful study space;
    • Ways to help them revise – you can’t revise for them, but you can help. We’ve provided different options to suit different types of learners;
    • How to build resilience and manage stress to form lifelong good habits and protect their mental health;
    • How to support them during exam time;
    • How to help them with exam nerves.