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Moving out

The ultimate shopping list – perfect whether your child is moving out to go to university, begin an apprenticeship or start work. You may also be interested in:



Bed sheets - single fitted sheets

Duvet - for all year and also anti alergen

Duvet set - for single beds

Mattress protector - water proof and anti alergy

Pillows - pack of two or for side sleepers


Diffuser - Aromatherapy diffuser with light    

Oils - Tisserand essential oils – choose own scent

Mattress topper - single

Night lamp - for desk or bedside table

Warm blanket - large fleece blanket/throw

Image by Cassandra Hamer



Bath towels - complete set, multiple colours or two bath/two hand

Deodorant - natural deodorant stick

Hairbrush - foldable hairbrush with mirror

Hand towels - single hand towel

Nail clippers - less expensive or by Tweezerman

Razor - 5 blade with 6 refills

Toilet brush - brush and holder

Wash bag - hanging, foldable unisex wash bag in different colours



Bath mat - 2 piece, multiple colours

Flip flops - for women and for men

Hair dryer - fast drying with attachments

Image by Diana Polekhina


Complete kits:

Kitchen starter kit – all in one! – includes crockery, pans, bakeware, utensils



Baking tray - large tray or with mesh (great for oven cooked veg)

Bowls -Set of 5, non-slip, base coloured, with lids, store in largest or

Set of 3 mixing bowls with spout or Set of 4 unbreakable cereal bowls

Cheese grater - box with container or tower grater

Chopping board - Single colour choice or set of six chopping mats with food icons

Bottle openers - Corkscrew and bottle opener or Corkscrew and bottle stop

Cutlery - 16pc stainless steel or 16 pc iridescent or 4 pc engraved or
16 pc with coloured handles or rainbow cutlery set with straws

Glasses - Set of 4 plastic tumblers or set of 4 plastic hi-balls or

Set of 4 stainless steel wine glasses

Knives - 5pc colour coded knife set or 8pc knife set with sharpener and block

Mugs - x4 enamel mugs or x4 flamefield stacking mugs or

Thermal travel mug

Oven gloves - Oven gloves

Plates - Greenandlife unbreakable plates x4 – 9 inch or Greenandlife unbreakable plates x4 – 11 inch

Pots and pans - Tefal essentials 5 pc pan set

Scissors - heavy duty kitchen scissors with blade cover or

easy grip kitchen scissors

Tea towels - pack of 2

Wooden spoons - 3 pc set



Casserole dish - Hob to oven shallow casserole dish or Hob to oven deep casserole dish or Hob to oven casserole dish 5L

Colander - collapsible

Masher - masher/server or masher and spoon

Measuring jug - measuring and mixing jug or 3pc graduated set

Plastic bag sealers - 8 each of large, medium and small

Recipe books

- The Hungry Student

- The Hungry Student vegetarian cookbook

- The hungry student one pot cookbook

- Student Eats

- 5 Ingredients – Jamie Oliver

- Vegan one pound meals

Scales - digital scales with bowl or compact scales

Shot glasses - chemistry shot glasses or jar shot glasses with lids

Slow cooker - 1.8L crock pot or 3.5L retro pot

Spice jars - 12 mini clip top jars or 6 magnetic jars with lids and sift

Storage pots - pc stackable plastic storage jars

Tupperware - 9 airtight storage containers or 3 x1L stackable clip lid boxes 

Vegetable peeler - 3 in 1 Joe Wicks peeler or oxo good grips peeler

Whisk - Rainbow silicon whisk or essentials balloon whisk

Wok - Ken Hom classic wok or Ken Hom mini wok or Non-stick wok with lid

Image by Wright Brand Bacon
Image by Kevin McCutcheon
Image by Mariana Medvedeva



A4 folders - A4 plastic wallets  or A4 expanding wallet

File Dividers - 10 part or 6 part or numbered 1-12

Highlighters - 6 assorted colours or 4 assorted Sharpies

Notepad / paper - A4 pukka pads or A5 notebooks or A5 coloured notebooks

Pens and pencils - Zebra ballpoint or HB pencils 5 pack

Plastic wallets - multi-colour popper wallet with card holder

Post-it notes - square or rectangular

Stapler - regular or fancy with clips


Calculator -regular or scientific or large/desktop

Desk lamp -with phone holder

Diary / planner - Jan-Dec 2023

Study Night
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