Help your child stand out in job, college, sixth-form & internship applications

  • Your child will have their own goals and ambitions, but they might need your help in working out the steps to help them achieve these goals. Whether it's applying for a job, an apprenticeship, a college place, training or an internship – the bottom line is always the same: they’re more likely to get the interview if their application stands out from others.

    This guide explains how you can help your child gain the competitive advantage, in many cases by doing things they enjoy. Learn why different hobbies develop different skills and how your child can demonstrate their non-academic abilities during interviews. Including sections on:


    • Self-development and increasing confidence through reading, audiobooks and podcasts;
    • Getting work experience (including virtual placements);
    • Benefits of research and how to take a different approach;
    • How different hobbies impact mental and physical health – and what transferrable skills they develop with dedicated sections on music and sports;
    • Recommendations for non-curricular online courses; and
    • Benefits of competitions and awards.