Going back to school - get your teen on the right track in the new academic year

The year is spinning on and it’s time to check whether your teen has everything they need to start the new academic year on the right foot. That includes how they feel, what they’ll wear, any equipment they may need and, perhaps most important of all, a positive mindset.

Two girls going back to school in September - holding books

Fitting in

As your “little one” starts to match (or overtake!) your own height, all these growth spurts can pan out to being a costly business. Inevitably they’ll need new uniform items that fit, including shoes and trainers, as well as shirts, skirts, trousers, jumpers and blazers. Some schools offer pre-loved items at a much cheaper price if you can’t buy their uniform in mainstream shops.

Boy in science lesson with school equipment

Being well prepared

Whether they’re at GCSE stage or sixth form, and despite so much being online, they’ll still need some old-fashioned stationery. They should already have quite a bit from last year, but a refresh is a good idea. You may also want to check they have everything they need for any new subjects they’re starting – or those needing specialist equipment, such as Maths, art or design. They also need to stay organized, so folders and files are essential. It’s exciting beginning the new year with fresh notebooks and pens, so this could motivate them to feel more positive about heading back to school. We’ve included a checklist on our website or take a look at the complete school stationery bundle.

Don’t forget practical items like a sturdy waterproof backpack and insulated lunch bag, if they take packed lunch. Does their laptop have enough capacity for them to do their work?

Complying with school rules

The holidays are a time when teens can enjoy their independence by wearing what they want and styling their hair how they like it. However, some schools have rules about hair, so It might be time to book them in for a haircut! They will need to comply to any rules – and these may even apply to non-uniform sixth forms.

Girl going back to school smiling at camera

Re-establishing a routine

Starting the school year well includes feeling fresh and ready for the challenges ahead. If the holidays have meant they’ve got out of a regular bedtime and getting up routine, now is the time to start getting into good habits, with early to bed and early to rise! If so much rain over the summer has meant they’ve increased screen time with lots of TV watching, especially during the day, they should start to cut down. Introduce changes gradually over the next couple of weeks to avoid the shock of a big, sudden change on the first day of term.

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