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Back to school essentials

Practical buys to make study more interesting. You may also be interested in:




Complete school stationery bundle

A4 folders - A4 plastic wallets  or A4 expanding wallet

Colouring pens

File Dividers - 10 part or 6 part or numbered 1-12

Folding Ruler - fits into the pencil case! 

Highlighters - 6 assorted colours or 4 assorted Sharpies

Notepad / paper - A4 pukka pads or A5 notebooks or A5 coloured notebooks

Organizer wallets

Page markers

Paper clips

Pencils case

Pens and pencils - Zebra ballpoint or HB pencils 5 pack

Pencil sharpener

Plastic wallets - multi-colour popper wallet with card holder

Post-it notes - square or rectangular

Ring binder

Stapler - regular or fancy with clips



Insulated lunch bag

Calculator -regular or scientific or large/desktop

Desk lamp -with phone holder

Diary / planner - Jan-Dec 2022

Dictionary and Thesaurus


Coloured notebooks

A5 hardback notebook with multiple coloured covers – great for work

A5 hardback notebook in black with coloured page edges – great for work and just a little quirky

A5 hardback colourful notebook – great value buy

A5 lined notebooks in rainbow colours, set of eight – share among the family!

Moleskin pocket notebook ruled – carry it everywhere and if feels lovely and squigy!

Paperblanks - love this brand, I have a small book that goes with me everywhere

Softback lined notebooks with fun colourful covers



One line a day, five year journal – great for noting down one positive thing every day and keeping a record of all those positive thoughts.


Other colourful stationery

Rainbow square sticky notes

Erasable coloured pens


Boys’ shoes

Girls’ shoes

Boys’ trainers

Girls’ trainers

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