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Feel confident helping your teen make choices about their future

If your teen's in Years 10-13, we're here for you with everything you need to know about what they can do after GCSE or sixth form AND what you can do at home to help them with their studies and improve their wellbeing. Download our specialist guides, read our articles and follow us on social media to find out how you can help your teen get the best out of their studies and prepare for the future.

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Support your teens now that exams are here


Whether it's mocks or finals, this is a stressful term for most students so do what you can at home to make it easier for them.


The Parents' Guide to homelife and study provides advice on:

  • Keeping them healthy

  • Helping them revise

  • Preparing for exams

  • Managing exam nerves

  • Links to other resources

Students do better when they get support from home and school so give your teen the best chance for success.

The Parents’ Guide to Homelife and study

If your child is 14-16 years old

If your child is 16-18 years old

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