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Preparation is key to success, so it’s a good idea to plan ahead. There’s a lot to keep on top of throughout Years 10-13, so our “What’s next” tab will always contain information that’s especially relevant at certain times of the year.

It’s National Apprenticeships Week: 7-13 February 2022

A time to celebrate the value of apprenticeships, look out for fairs and events taking place locally throughout February. If you want to know more about why an apprenticeship could be the right choice for your teen, it’s all in The Parents' Guide to Apprenticeships.

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Whether at 16 or 18, apprenticeship offer the opportunity to combine study with paid employment resulting in a professional qualification. There are no tuition fees and the salary can cover living expenses. Apprenticeships used to be associated with trade industries (such as electricians, mechanics or plumbers). Nowadays, apprenticeships can be taken in a wide range of industry sectors and provide entry to all types of careers, including accounting, banking, IT, law, management and television.


Relatively new to the apprenticeship suite are “degree apprenticeships”, offering an “earn while you learn” route to BSc or BA status. There are also options to take short term apprenticeships. If your child is not comfortable with committing to several years of further study, they can take one or two year options and still gain recognised, valuable qualifications. Better still, if they change their mind and decide they wish to extend the apprenticeship to gain higher level qualifications, this is often possible. Don’t rule out the fact that an apprenticeship could be the right choice for your child.

We have 50 years of research showing that what families do matters. Whether it’s loving school, university access, good attendance, or academic success, family engagement has positive correlations with all sorts of indicators

Dr Mapp - Senior lecturer at the Harvard Graduate School of Education

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