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Preparation is key to success, so it’s a good idea to plan ahead. There’s a lot to keep on top of throughout Years 10-13, so our “What’s next” tab will always contain information that’s especially relevant at certain times of the year.

Options after GCSE and sixth form

For you to be comfortable talking to your teen about what they might like to after GCSE, sixth form or college, you need to know what the options are! 


Our handy guides summarize everything your teen can do in the next stage of their career journey, including which options suit which type of student better depending on whether they love classroom or practical learning. We’ll include what qualifications they can get, what they need to do to get on the course and tell you where it could lead.

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April is Stress Awareness Month

Stress can’t be avoided but it can be managed and building mental resilience is key to this. Adopting small habits that promote wellbeing and doing them on a daily basis helps to increase positive mindsets. These small habits cover a broad range of activities from expressing gratitude, relaxing, getting physical and eating well. 

In this guide, we cover:


  • How to spot the signs of anxiety and stress

  • Ways to help right away

  • Long term strategies to build their resilience

  • Coping with rejection

  • Encouraging healthy routines

  • Where and when to get help and support

Acing a career with an apprenticeship

Apprenticeships provide a way of combining learning with on-the-job training, which helps build solid, professional skills transferable from one organisation to another. Apprenticeships are available after GCSE and are a great alternative to full-time study for those students that prefer practical experience over classroom learning. Similarly, apprenticeships can be a great choice after sixth form or college. 

If your teen isn’t comfortable with committing to several years of further study, they can take one- or two-year options and, if they change their mind later on and decide they wish to extend the apprenticeship to gain higher level qualifications, this is often possible. Find out why apprenticeships could be the best career pathway for your child.

TPGt Apprenticeships 2023-2024.jpg
"Parental engagement is a powerful lever for raising achievement in schools"
Harris & Goodall, University of Warwick

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