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National Careers Week


National Careers Week provides a focus for careers guidance at an important time in the academic year, helping support young people by bringing together students, local employers and advisers through careers events, activities and free resources.

It’s National Careers Week: 4-11 March 2024

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We’re thrilled to share The Parents’ Guide to National Careers Week, created in partnership with National Careers Week: a free guide outlining vocational options after GCSE and sixth form.


#NCW2024 gives parents a chance to learn more about different careers paths their teens can take. Find out what’s available and where it could lead. Download here:

It’s Green Careers Week: 6-11 November 2023

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The Parents' Guide to Green Careers Week 2023

Green Careers Week is a fantastic new initiative launched last year. In 2023, it will take place between 6th and 11th November to provide young people with an insight into careers that specifically protect the environment and will help the UK achieve its pledge of reaching Net Zero by 2050

Click here to download - 1.3 MB

"Parental engagement is a powerful lever for raising achievement in schools"
Harris & Goodall, University of Warwick

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