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UCAS key dates - 2023 / 2024

When we published our university guides in May 2023, UCAS had not released its full calendar of key dates and deadlines, so we created this page to give you access to the latest information as it became available.

16 May 2023 - UCAS opens

UCAS Undergraduate Apply opens for 2023 entry.

16 October 2023 - Early entry deadline

Entry deadline for the universities of Oxford and Cambridge and most dentistry, medicine or veterinary science applications (by 18.00 UK).

31 January 2024 - Entry deadline

The entry deadline for all other undergraduate courses. Try to keep within the internal deadline set by your child's school or college. This will provide enough time for the application to be checked and references to be provided (by 18.00 UK).

28 February 2024 - UCAS Extra opens

UCAS Extra opens for students who have not gained an offer from any of their five chosen universities. This allows the students to add an extra choice one at a time until an offer has been made.

TBC May 2024 - University choice deadline

The deadline for your child to confirm their first and insurance university from the offers that have been made. A later deadline may apply if your child is still awaiting a decision from a university.

30 June 2023 - 18.00

Final date to apply with choices. After this date, all applications must be made through Clearing.

4 July 2024 - UCAS Extra closes

5 July 2024 - UCAS Clearing

Clearing opens - students can begin researching available universities and courses prior to knowing if an offer has been confirmed.

TBC August 2024 - A level Results Day

A Level results are released from 8am - although some universities may have confirmed or denied their place prior to this. Try to make sure your child is present on the day in case Clearing is necessary.

tbc October 2024 - Final deadline

Final deadline for university submission. After this date, your child must reapply next year as an independent student.


For more information on the UCAS application process and how it works, you may be interested in reading: The Parents’ Guide to University

It covers:

  • Types of universities – what’s the difference and which is best?

  • Types of courses

  • Open days – why it’s important to visit, even if it’s just virtually

  • League tables

  • Tuition and maintenance loans – how it impacts them and you

  • UCAS and the application process

  • Results day

  • Other options if they don’t get a university place

  • Preparing for university life

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