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We believe strongly in the role parents, carers and guardians have in enabling their children to live happy and successful futures. 

If you would like to find out more, then please browse through the following reports and publications on the benefits of effective parental engagement. If you have any questions relating to the research contained on this page then please contact us on

Research at a glance

Research shows that when parents are involved in education, their children do better. 

Benefits have been documented to include:


  • Better parent - child relations

  • Knowing how to help their children

  • Being able to provide constructive and positive support

  • Improved relationship with the school

  • More confidence in dealing with their children’s challenges


  • More positive school experience 

  • Improved mental health

  • Happier and more self confident teens

  • Informed decision making

  • Better grades


  • Better communication with parents 

  • Less work for teachers and managers

  • Better academic outcomes

  • Lessons taught in the classroom reinforced at home

  • Better engagement and behaviour with pupils

Meaningful parental engagement is helping schools unlock the potential of vulnerable and disadvantaged children

Professor Sonia Blandford, Founder of Achievement for All

Reports and Publications

Working with parents to support childrens learning

Published by EEF, this guidance report aims to help schools work with parents, carers and guaridans to improve children’s learning.

How to involve hard to reach parents

Published by the National College for School leadership, this research explores how different schools engage hard-to-reach parents.

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Review of best practice in parental engagement

Published by the DfE, this report presents a review of studies of interventions aimed at supporting and improving parental engagement 

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Parental engagement: a training toolkit

Delivered by SHS UK, these resources help  to develop an understanding of parental engagement for schools.

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Quick wins for parental engagement

Engaging parents and guardians in their child’s decisions about careers choices is fundamental in delivering effective careers education.

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An inquiry into family learning 

Research shows that family learning could increase the overall level of children’s development by as much as 15 percentage points.

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Parental involvement in education

The Government’s strategy for involving parents in their children’s education was first described in the 1997 White Paper ‘Excellence in Schls’

Involving parents - Etsyn publication

This report is a short study which looks at how effectively schools communicate and engage with parents of school-aged children

Schools and parents - Ofsted publication

Parental engagement can be a powerful lever for raising achievement in schools and there is much research to show this

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In the media


18th November 2019

Having a desk to work at, good grades and high expectations from parents, as well as being happy at school, are key factors in encouraging children to go on to university, a study suggests.


24th February 2017

Teachers are always looking for ways to improve education for their pupils – and one of the fundamental ways of doing this is parental engagement. Learning shouldn’t finish when the child leaves school.


18th September 2019

New research has shown how parental engagement has a positive effect on a child's academic attainment—regardless of age or socioeconomic status.


24th April 2015

If half the battle for teachers is engaging students, the other half is engaging their parents. Academics Feinstein and Symons found that parental interest in their child’s education was the single greatest predictor of achievement .


12th October 2012


25th October 2017

Getting parents involved in their children's learning, especially what you do at home, is known to make a real difference and potentially has a much bigger impact on a child's success at school than anything else.

Meaningful parental engagement is helping schools unlock the potential of vulnerable and disadvantaged children

Professor Sonia Blandford, Founder of Achievement for All

"Parental engagement is a powerful lever for raising achievement in schools"

Harris & Goodall, University of Warwick

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Wherever we refer to ‘parents’ we mean ‘parents and carers.’ This includes grandparents, older siblings or any other  person with significant caring responsibilities for children.