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Awarding vocational and technical qualifications in 2022

This article applies to BTEC, OCR Cambridge Technicals, Pre-U, Core Maths, IB, professional and technical qualifications (for GCSE, A or AS levels see our article: Awarding academic grades in 2022)

In brief

The Government has confirmed that vocational assessments will take place in the usual way for that type of qualification in 2022.


In the unlikely event that the pandemic prevents assessments taking place, then qualifications will be awarded similarly to in 2021 – by teacher assessment for qualifications that don’t indicate professional competence and later assessment for qualifications that do.

Because there is a wide range of vocational and technical qualifications, it’s not possible for one approach to apply to them all, so students will need to speak to their school, college or examination body to find out exact details.

Awarding Technical and Vocational Qualifications in 2021

Professional or occupational qualifications

Assessments must be taken, although this may be conducted in a different way to normal (such as remotely or using social distancing) so there may be delays. Awarding organisations will advise colleges or training providers of when grades can be awarded based on when assessments can take place.

How will teachers assess grades?

Teachers will take into account course work, tests, mock exams, homework, in class and online learning. Students will be told which parts of their work count towards their grade.

What would this mean for my child?

It means that assessments or not, they should stay focused! The work they are doing throughout the year could count towards their final grade, and even if there are not full assessments, they may need to take “mini assessments” as part of their overall grading.

The Government’s letter to students

The Government has published an open letter to students explaining the situation and you can see it here.

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