Teenage boy smiling at camera on his first day at university received good grades: The Parents' Guide to

For children aged 16-19 years old

The Parents' Guide to Coping with school closures


In light of the serious impact of Covid-19, we've developed a free resource with advice, ideas and suggestions on how you can help your children study at home, improve their resilience and protect your family's physical health and mental wellbeing.

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 "Parental engagement has a large and positive effect on children’s learning"

Department for Education, Gov UK

Since the Government announced that there would be no examinations in 2020, some 2.2 million teenagers have been affected 

Apprenticeships provide a way of combining learning with on the job training, which helps build solid, professional skills

With exams cancelled and school closed, learn how your chid can stand out from others when applying to the next stage in their life

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Wherever we refer to ‘parents’ we mean ‘parents and carers.’ This includes grandparents, older siblings or any other  person with significant caring responsibilities for children.