Things you and your teen can do this October half-term - 2021

There’s virtually no restrictions this holiday, so your teen can really enjoy half term by getting out and about. However, just in case the weather turns gloomy, we’ve included some indoor suggestions too!

Go to the cinema

We’ve been waiting nearly two years, so if they haven’t succumbed already, perhaps they’d enjoy spending the best part of three hours with James Bond. No Time to Die has been widely anticipated and it can’t fail to deliver on high octane escapism. If espionage isn’t their thing, perhaps a trip to space via Dune might appeal.

Pumpkin Picking

What better way to celebrate Halloween than by finding a local farm to go pumpkin picking? It’s a great way for your teen to find out that pumpkins don’t just appear washed and cut on supermarket shelves! Search google and you’re bound to find a local farm offering Pick Your Own Pumpkins. There might be a small fee, but it won’t break the bank and you can all enjoy fresh pumpkin food afterwards – such as pumpkin soup, pumpkin rice, pumpkin pie or pumpkin curry. Don’t forget to make Jack o’Laterns with the pumpkin shells afterwards.

Dark Arts season at The Making of Harry Potter – Hertfordshire

It’s pumpkins galore as The Great Hall is themed with flickering and flying Jack o’Laterns through early November in honour of Halloween.

Go out for a coffee

Speciality teas and coffees are a real treat if you don’t have a coffee maker at home. Enjoying tea and cake in a lovely coffee shop needn’t break the bank either, so why not spend half-hour with your teen having hot drinks somewhere special.

Go ice skating

There’s plenty of ice rinks throughout the country, but if your London based, this is the last chance to go skating outside the Natural History Museum. Next year the space is being converted to greenery to teach about bio-diversity. The rink opens from 22 October through 16 January.

Go zip lining

If your teen’s a bit of a daredevil, they’ll love soaring tree to tree and taking in the views below. Go Ape has locations all over the UK, and there are other aerial adventure parks too. As well as the adrenaline rush, they’ll enjoy terrific views of the turning trees at this time of year

Dive into a book

Reading for pleasure is a wonderful way to escape without moving anywhere at all. Any type of reading helps improve vocabulary and communication, so maybe your teen could dive into a book this holiday. For those that don't like to read, listening to an audiobook or podcast could offer an alternative with similar benefits.


Many books (free eBooks)

All you can book

Shop together

If shopping’s your bag, a day out at the shopping centre could prove a good bonding experience with your teen. Whether it’s window shopping, getting ahead with Christmas gifts or treating them to some new autumn outfits, it’s a day out they’re bound to love. With eateries and entertainment on site, there are other distractions too - and maybe even some early Christmas decorations to admire!

Interests and hobbies

If you’re wondering what other things your teen can do over this academic year and beyond that they’ll enjoy and that will help them develop key skills, we’ve compiled plenty of ideas, whether your teen’s the adventurous sort or prefers quieter activities. Do take a look at:

The Parents’ Guide to Standing Out from the crowd.

We always love to hear from you, so do let us know if there are any subjects you’d like us to chat to you about. Stay safe and keep happy,

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