The easy way to get your teen talking about their future

Updated: Aug 27

Are you struggling to get your teenager to talk about what they want to do after GCSE or sixth form? It can be tricky to get teens to talk about anything, especially what they want to do next. However, it is important they think about their future, what they might like to achieve and what they need to do now so they can get themselves on the right track.

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How do I get my teenager to start talking?

To help you, we’ve created a board game that saves you worrying about which questions to ask. You can play too! By playing the game together you create a two-way conversation, with them finding out more about you, as well as you finding out more about them. This helps avoid feelings of confrontation because the focus is not solely directed towards your child. It covers lots of different areas that are important to bear in mind when considering next options, such as what their strengths are, what interests them outside the school curriculum, what type of person they are, how they’ve changed over the past few years, what they’d like to do better, what brings them joy and their thoughts on fame. Playing the game several months apart will enable you to assess how your child has changed and developed.

Download it here if your child is taking GCSE or here if they are in sixth form

Ten great tips to keep the conversation going:

Talking to your teen about their future

1. Accept their idea of success may be different to yours.