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How can ChatGPT help your child ace their exams?

ChatGPT — a natural language processing tool driven by AI technology — was released in November 2022, reaching one million users within five days of its launch, and 100 million users within 60 days. Its incredible success is testimony to its usefulness in a host of areas, including sales, marketing, shipping, transport, SEO, and education.

Young boy using Chat GPT to do their homework at home

Far from replacing human intelligence or effort, it is a handy tool; a bit like an ultra-intelligent personal assistant that can help your child revise for exams, regardless of their age. Read on to discover just a few ways that it can help them improve their game.

How Can You Access ChatGPT?

ChatGPT (or the most popular version of it) can be used for free. To get started, simply visit and sign up for an account. During the registration, you'll be required to provide a telephone number. ChatGPT sends a confirmation code to your phone, and once you indicate that code on the website, you’re free to start making searches. You will see that the system is incredibly easy to use. There is a little box at the lower end of the screen, where you can ask your questions.

ChatGPT “remembers” former questions, so you can see the questions you asked previously on a vertical tab that appears to the left of your screen.

ChatGPT Depends On the User’s “Prompts”

The usefulness of ChatGPT depends, to a great extent, on whether you know how to ask it the right questions (or use the right prompts). Say your child has to write an essay on the role of American soldiers in the Boer War, they have to write as specific a prompt as possible. The purpose of ChatGPT isn’t to write the essay for your child, but rather, to ensure they address all the most important points.

For instance, your child might ask ChatGPT, “Provide me with a detailed academic outline about the role played by Americans in the Boer War. Provide information regarding the Americans that fought alongside the British as well as those that fought alongside the Boers.”

With this prompt, you will find that ChatGPT creates an outline with 5 parts: an introduction, a section on Americans fighting alongside the Boers, a section on Americans fighting alongside the British, another on American perspectives on the Boer War, and a conclusion. Each of these sections have various subsections. You can make this search even more specific by asking ChatGPT to provide you with more information for one or more of these sections.

Young girl studying for exams whilst using ChatGPT

What Subjects Can ChatGPT Help Your Child With?

ChatGPT covers practically all subjects. It doesn’t just cover the humanities. It can also solve simple and complex math problems. You can ask it to explain the underlying concepts and formulae and provide step-by-step solutions.

Will this put teachers and tutors out of business? Not at all! Any student will tell you that sometimes, even with a step-by-step solution, further explanation is required.

ChatGPT is nowhere close to replacing teachers or online tutors, or completing tasks such as essay or blog writing. Currently, the content it produces can be guilty of plagiarism. Moreover, inaccuracies have been found in the sources and statistics it provides. This is precisely why your child should consider it as no more than an assistant. It can provide structures for essays, but facts still need to be checked, and sources found. ChatGPT does not provide websites and other resources, your child will need to show they have researched their work thoroughly.

Male student in college holding Business textbook

Weaknesses of ChatGPT

ChatGPT is impressive—the more your child uses it, the more they will see how wide its scope can be. However, it does have its weaknesses. It is pre-trained up to 2021, and it cannot connect to the Internet. That means it cannot provide you with real-time information.

On very rare occasions, you may find that the answer to a prompt makes little sense or cannot answer questions on recent developments in an area of study. Sometimes, it also gets mathematical equations wrong, especially if multiple operations are involved. Finally, it tends to lack detail and personality. It certainly won’t be replacing content creators, authors, or artists soon.

Creating an Exam Study Timetable

If your child has important exams coming up, you can ask ChatGPT to make a study schedule covering all their subjects. You can be ultra-specific. For instance, you might indicate how many units are in each subject and estimate how much time you need to study per unit. ChatGPT will then create a schedule that is easy to follow. This schedule can be updated in accordance with changing needs.

ChatGPT is a great addition to kids who may struggle to get an essay started. It can provide them with a useful outline for a myriad of subjects. Children can then use the Internet to search for more information on specific headings and subheadings, adding their own style and the fruits of their research to the bare skeleton outline, and ensuring they have touched on all main points.


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