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When parents are involved at school, the performance of all the children at school, not just their own, tends to improve

 A New Generation of Evidence: The Family Is Critical to Student Achievement

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The most accurate predictors of student achievement in school are not family income or social status, but the extent to which the family creates a home environment that encourages learning

National PTA, 2000

Working with parents to support childrens learning

Published by EEF, this guidance report aims to help schools work with parents and carers to improve children’s learning.

How to involve hard to reach parents

Published by the National College for School leadership, this research explores how different schools engage hard-to-reach parents.

Department for Education.png

Review of best practice in parental engagement

Published by the DfE, this report presents a review of studies of interventions aimed at supporting and improving parental engagement 

94% of parents were confident that their involvement would help their children at school

Review of best practice in parental engagement - Department for Education

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