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Get to know the university where your child might be studying

As your child starts to hear back from their university choices, it's a good idea to begin exploring these universities in more detail. Having a clearer understanding of what your child's universities have to offer and the areas they are in will enable you to support your child in making their final decision.

Here are some ideas on what you can do:

A group of teenagers visiting a university: The Parents' Guide to
Getting to know your child's university

1. Attend an open day

Websites, literature and videos can all give an excellent sense of the university, but nothing beats a personal visit. Open days often include a variety of lectures, walking tours and presentations, so your child should check what’s on offer and plan accordingly.

Even if you have already been to an open day, a second visit (with an offer from the university) may provide you and your child with a very different experience.

2. Follow your child's university on social media

Facebook, twitter and / or instagram will provide you with a better insight into what university life is like and what opportunities there are for your child to get involved.

3. Join a forum/ discussion group

Read first-hand accounts from current and old students and discover what they think on different topics, such as accommodation and social life.

4. Research the local area

Discover what the local area has to offer and what there is to see and do - visiting the local council website is a good starting point.

Newcastle University: The Parents' Guide to
Newcastle University


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