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When parents are involved, the performance of all the children at school, not just their own, tends to improve


 A New Generation of Evidence: The Family Is Critical to Student Achievement


We provide unbiased and helpful information for parents of teenage children. Our online guides and free support pages are written for parents to help them understand all their children’s options so they can give the right advice at the right time. This includes articles, blog posts, live video chats, fortnightly newsletters and answers to parents’ commonly asked questions. 


To date, our online guides have been read by over 140,000 parents and carers and 10,000 people visit our support and advice pages each month.

Schools and colleges

As well as parent guides, we provide resources for schools and colleges to help them engage parents, including timely recommendations in our monthly newsletter.

Our resources are used by over 1,100 schools and colleges across England and Wales.


Parental Engagement Policy Group

The Parents' Guide to forms part of the Parental Engagement Policy Group; a network of charities and organisations working together to support parental engagement in disadvantaged communities.


In 2019 Learning with Parents launched The Parental Engagement Policy Group, with the aim of bringing together policy makers, charities, parental engagement organisations and researchers to work towards a vision where every child is supported at home to fulfil their potential.

"The Parental Engagement Policy Group will drive a shared understanding across the sector of effective parental engagement and its pivotal role in addressing the attainment gap. Through collaboration with schools, DfE and Ofsted the group aims to transform parents’ role in education." Learn more.

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Organisations involved in The Parental Engagement Policy Group include:


Uni4me gives students and young adults access to online events, activities and resources from UK higher education organisations that support their learning and enable them to find out more about their future opportunities. It also provides parents with the information they need to provide the right support to their children.


The Parents' Guide to contributes to Uni4me's online hub with high quality resources, links and articles to help support parents and their teens when applying to higher education. Click here to view our profile.


Family Based Solutions

Family Based Solutions works with families experiencing child to parent abuse. They use a solution focused approach, giving each family member a part to play in moving the family toward their preferred future and providing

children and young adults with coping mechanisms to empower them with the knowledge and belief of a future with every possibility. 

The Parents' Guide to provides free support and resources to families supported by FBS.

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National Careers Week

National Careers Week (NCW) is a celebration of careers guidance and free resources in education across the UK. The aim is to provide a focus for careers guidance activity at an important stage in the academic calendar to help support young people leaving education.

In association with NCW, The Parents' Guide to creates free resources for parents to help them support their children with careers advice.

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Justice for Lai Dai Han 

Justice for Lai Dai Han is a group that gives a voice to the victims of sexual violence. Part of their work seeks to raise awareness and to create public art as a permanent reminder of the plight of the Lai Dai Han.

The Parents' Guide to produces online educational packs for students and young adults looking at the role of art in advocacy movements and how sexual violence in conflict affects victims and communities around the world. You can download these resources by clicking on the links below:

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