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Schools, let us help you

In light of the serious impact of Coronavirus, including the closure of schools for most pupils and the cancellation of summer examinations, we've developed a free resource The Parents' Guide to: Coping with school closures to provide parents with helpful, clear support and guidance in coping with this unprecedented experience.  


Our free guide provides parents with important information on:

  1. Coronavirus - what it is and how they can protect their family;

  2. What to do if their family becomes infected;

  3. Ways to boost their child's immune system;

  4. How they can help their child study at home;

  5. The impact of cancelled examinations;

  6. Strategies to protect their child's mental health; and

  7. How to look after themself.

If you think this guide could help your parents, you can share it freely either by:

  • recommending your parents visit;

  • uploading the guide or link to your public website;

  • uploading the guide or link to your secure website;

  • sharing the guide on social media;

  • downloading the guide and emailing it direct to your parents.

As the situation is changing rapidly, we will regularly update this page with any news we think would be helpful to you, so do check back often. Meanwhile, stay safe - Vanessa & Darius

If you know of other schools who would find this guide useful, please share this webpage or link with them

You and your parents can download this guide by visiting

Take a look here:

"Parental engagement is a powerful lever for raising achievement in schools"

Harris & Goodall, University of Warwick