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What happens outside the classroom matters. Prospective employers and further education establishments don’t just consider grades when deciding whether a candidate would be a good fit. They want to know whether they have demonstrated soft skills and personal strengths. Very often, these skills are learned through experience during their free time or co-curricular school activities. Find out how your teen can stand out from others with The Parents’ Guide to Standing out from the crowd.

In this guide we explore different things your teen could do to expand their interests, and how this is directly linked to supporting their applications (whether for jobs or university) and finding out more about things they might like to do in the future. We show how taking part in different hobbies and interests can improve their skillset (such as being able to communicate well, work with others, problem solve, be adaptable) and develop personal strengths (such as improving confidence, being resilient, compassionate and empathetic). Best of all, these activities can be fun, so your teen will enjoy doing them too.

The Parents' Guide to Helping your child stand out 2021-2022.jpg
The Parents' Guide to Helping your child stand out 2021-20222.jpg

"The effect of parental engagement over a student's school career is equivalent to adding two or three years to that student's education"

John Hattie, research paper

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