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Featured guide

With exam season just around the corner, this term's featured guide is The Parents' Guide to Exam revision.

We want our children to do well in exams and effective revision plays a crucial role. Whilst you can’t revise for your child, there are lots of ways you can help them. This ranges from checking what they know and helping them remember things, to providing the right homelife so that they can be at their most alert, healthy and resilient.

Effective revision requires developing and growing essential life skills, such as good time management; the ability to deal with situations when things go wrong; and finding the right balance between work and play. These are areas where you have lots of experience and can help them develop systems that work best for them.

The Parents' Guide to Exam revision shows how to support them in making revision time as productive and helpful as possible, helping them keep a balanced lifestyle, and hints and tips on providing a homelife that encourages success. We’ve mostly focused on long-term support, but there are also some pointers on how you can help just ahead of examinations when the pressure is especially high.

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"The effect of parental engagement over a student's school career is equivalent to adding two or three years to that student's education"

John Hattie, research paper

94% of parents were confident that their involvement would help their children at school

Review of best practice in parental engagement - Department for Education