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With the cancellation of examinations this year and school closures, how can your child stand out from others when applying to the next stage in their life:- whether sixth form, apprenticeships, university or jobs? Our featured guide is The Parents’ Guide to Helping your child stand out from the crowd

Your child will have their own goals and ambitions, but they might need your help in working out the steps to help them achieve these goals.  Whether it's applying for a job, an apprenticeship, a college place, training or an internship – the bottom line is always the same: they’re more likely to get the interview if their application stands out from others.


This guide includes tips and ideas on how you can help your child gain the competitive advantage, including ideas on what they can do while “staying home” is their only option.

The Parents' Guide to Helping your child
The Parents' Guide to Helping your child

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"The effect of parental engagement over a student's school career is equivalent to adding two or three years to that student's education"

John Hattie, research paper

94% of parents were confident that their involvement would help their children at school

Review of best practice in parental engagement - Department for Education