Understanding courses, universities and the UCAS process

  • Selecting the right course at the right university will be one of the most important decisions your child faces in shaping their future and you will want to help them every step of the way. Understand all the different factors they should consider and why red brick universities are not always the best choice for every student.


    This guide includes clear and practical information on the 2021 application process and how you can help them make informed choices to put them on the path for greater success and happiness to fulfil their ambitions:


    • Types of universities – what’s the difference and which is best?
    • Types of courses – and how the teaching style impacts different types of learners
    • Open days – why it’s important to visit, even if it’s just virtually
    • League tables – do they matter and what should you look out for?
    • Tuition and maintenance loans – how it impacts them and you
    • UCAS and the application process – including 2021 deadlines and how to help them prepare their personal statements


    Note: This guide forms part of The Parents' Guide to University - Full edition