A detailed review of degree apprenticeships and why they might be a good choice

  • What your child chooses to do after sixth-form or college will have a big impact on their future. It’s not just about what they study and where they study, it’s about choosing a path that gives them the greatest chance of success. Degree apprenticeships were launched in September 2015, offering an earn while you learn route to BSc or BA degree status, combining university study with paid employment. They incur no tuition fees, incorporate some aspects of university life and result in equivalent level degrees than those obtained exclusively from universities; however, they are not suitable for all students – and we’ll explain why not. It is possible to apply for university degrees and degree apprenticeships at the same time.


    This guide includes advice and clear and unbiased information so you can help your child decide whether a degree apprenticeship is the right choice for them and support them in their applications. There’s details on:


    • How degree apprenticeships work in combining work and study
    • Types of degree apprenticeships and the differences between them
    • Examples of providers and why it is the employer, not the university, that students need to consider when choosing where to apply;
    • What is available
    • The application process, why it runs to the same timeline as university applications and how it differs in the information applicants need to provide;
    • How you can help them prepare for interview to make the best impression
    • What you can do to get them ready Preparing for life at work.


    Note: This guide forms part of The Parents' Guide to Apprenticeships- Full edition