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The decisions your child makes as a teenager will have a big impact on their future and that's why you will want to help them every step of the way. However, in a rapidly changing political landscape, it can be very difficult to find reliable and up-to-date information and advice on your child's post 16 and post 18 options.


That's why we release new editions each year, so that we can provide you with the very best information and guidance on how you can help your teenage child. Our new editions will always include the latest changes to government policy, reliable hyperlinks to other websites and the most up-to-date information, making your role as a parent that little bit easier. We also listen carefully to feedback from you and our partner schools to make sure our guides continue to be relevant, engaging and easy to use. This is at the heart of everything we do. 

Since the idea of the first guide in 2018, The Parents' Guide to has continued to grow and now has 11 guides, covering ages 14 to 19 and working with over 130 000 parents. You can have a brief look at our journey below:

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Responding to school closures

In light of the seriousness of coronavirus (Covid-19) we have developed a free resource to help families through this difficult time. 

The Parents' Guide to: coping with school closures includes useful advice and information on helping parents support their children with home schooling, ways to keep them safe and healthy and techniques to protect their mental health as well as practical information on the impact of cancelled examinations. To download the latest edition, click here

We have also released a new version of The Parents' Guide to Results Day 2020 to include coronavirus updates on cancelled exams and university admissions.

2020-2021 editions

Our 2020-2021 range launched in March 2020 and includes all updates for the 2020 academic year. We've also changed the design of our guides to make them easier to read and navigate, including a small note to show you which parts of the guide are interactive.


We're already preparing for our 2021-2022 editions, so if you are a parent or a school and have any feedback regarding our new guides, please send us your thoughts to

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2019-2020 editions

Our 2019-2020 range began in November 2018 with just two guides: The Parents' Guide to University and The Parents' Guide to Apprenticeships. By December 2019 we launched our Post 16 range followed quickly with our exam revision guides for GCSEs and A levels, just ahead of the summer exams (which were later cancelled due to the coronavirus epidemic).


We first met working in a school. Together, we noticed the gap between what parents wanted to know about the university application process and what was readily available.  It seemed a gap we could fill, so in 2018 we set about writing our first guide: The Parents’ Guide to University. We were overwhelmed by the response from parents and schools, along with requests for other guides. This marked the start of our journey.

Vanessa​ Green

Darius Bluck

"The effect of parental engagement over a student's school career is equivalent to adding two or three years to that student's education"

John Hattie, research paper

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Wherever we refer to ‘parents’ we mean ‘parents and carers.’ This includes grandparents, older siblings or any other  person with significant caring responsibilities for children.