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Results Day 2024

Help your parents prepare for August by sharing The Parents’ Guide to Results Day 2024. We’ll personalize the guide with your school logo so you can share it in any way that works for  you.

   Take a look inside GCSE Results Day 2024:    

TPGt GCSE Results Day 2024.jpg

   Take a look inside Year 13 Results Day 2024:    

TPGt Post 18 Results Day 2024.jpg

  What's included:  

  • The Parents’ Guide to Results Day personalized with your school logo (GCSE or Year 13 version)

  • Ability to share the guide in any way that suits you including on your own website, by email, newsletter or social media 

  • If you love this guide and decided to purchase our 2024-2025 school membership package, we’ll discount what you’ve spent

What schools say about us:

  • The resources are fantastic - accessible and very much in the style students and parents are familiar with. The little touches, such as the glossary boxes and simple flow charts, make them very easy-to-navigate, which delivers a great deal of information without being overwhelming, even for parents who know very little about the UK education system.​

  • We've had so many positive responses from our parents this year - we thought you might like to know. Thank you for everything you're doing to help support parents.​

  • What an amazing helpful resource for not only us as school workers, but also us as parents and carers. A big thank you for all your hard work and efforts in putting these wonderful resources together. Keep up the great work.

  • You've made my job just that bit easier! 

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